Naples area beaches offer year-round perfection. With the combination of balmy weather, blue skies and sun, pristine beaches and unmarred seascapes, you will find yourself needing nothing but sunscreen and wishing only for longer sunsets.


The Naples area boasts a vibrant cultural scene, rich with artistry, music and performing arts. Whatever your passion, you will find it completely satiated. From fine art to rock bands, Broadway or sculpture, dance or jazz, Southwest Florida is overflowing with vibrancy.


If you are a nature enthusiast, you will be thrilled by proximity to the Everglades National Park, Big Cypress National Preserve and countless unique state, local and private parks and preserves. Rich with wildlife, these parks will leave you in awe of the region's diverse wildlife and the richness of its plant life.


Naples boasts the title of "Golf Capital of the World". Home to close to 90 public and private courses of the highest quality, many of which have hosted major tournaments with an expansive presence on PGA and LPGA tours. Naturally, the golf scene here draws golf enthusiasts from around the world every year.

Fine Dining

The Naples area beckons gastronomic enthusiasts to come and explore the diversity and excitement of the burgeoning dining scene here. Naples boasts a variety of flagship restaurants, championing renowned chefs and local produce and seafood.


Shopping in paradise is an unparalleled experience. From a stroll on Fifth Avenue through the heart of Naples, to an upscale experience at Waterside Shops, boasting the finest retailers from around the world, to the Village on Venetian Bay, shoppers lack for nothing in their retail experience.